Month: April 2017

Moving Up In The World

My Climb To The Top Led Me To New Jersey

new jersey collegeAfter all the adventures we had traveling the world, climbing the most monster peaks and hiking the ruggedest of terrains I have finally met my match. Yup, as I entered my 30’s I realized that the dream was over and it was time to go back to school. We had spent the majority of our 20’s hiking and climbing some of the most beautiful peaks in the world, and now my internal instincts have been telling me to go back to school and focus on something important. The most natural (and affordable) path for me to follow was to head back home to New Jersey where my folks still live and return to Rutgers for a few years to get my MBA.

The biggest uphill battle I faced was the move itself, after spending the last 8 years living in Washington State I had accumulated enough personal belongings that I needed to hire a moving company to get me from Seattle, WA to Kearny, NJ. There were some local moving companies in Washington that I contacted but nobody wanted to tackle this move. I reached out to some New Jersey movers that didn’t hesitate to help. The guys at Bluebell Relocation were quick to provide me with a quote and put together a timeline for travel that would get me from Seattle to Kearny in time for the start of the semester.

Planning a move is a lot like planning a hike, but oddly enough the process is a lot more stressful. The travel time is equally as bad, at least this time around. Considering I have traveled the world to hike peaks that were only accessible by foot, but that 43 hour drive to kearny was brutal. Montana seemed to go on forever, although I stopped and got some cool pictures, and I got to see lake Michigan which was on my bucket list. Eventually after what seemed like a lifetime I drove into Kearny and shortly after I arrived the guys at Bluebell pulled in like clockwork.

If I ever move back to Seattle apple musicI am selling my stuff though, no matter how smooth the move went I would rather sell my belongings and fly back. Driving that distance alone can be a major bore even with satellite radio and a subscription to Apple Music.