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Things to Know Before Going at Fishing Trips in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city located on the southern tip of Baja California peninsula of Mexico. It is known all over the world for its nightlife, beaches, and water-based activities like deep sea fishing and sports fishing etc. You can find a lot of world class fish species in the waters of Baja like snapper, tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, and wahoo etc. The Cabo San Lucas fishing trips attract people from the entire world to go for fishing in its legendary waters.

You can find a number of companies in Cabo San Lucas which offer different types of charter fishing trips so that you can choose from them as per your liking and fishing experience. The fishing boats provided by these service providers as normally of high quality to provide you the best and most comfortable fishing experience.

Can fish be taken to one’s home state?

Yes, you can take the fish captured by you to your home by packing it in a leak proof container in the well frozen state. But while taking them back to your home you will have to abide by the restrictions of the airline regarding the number of containers you can carry with you. But it may cost your some additional money.

You should also check the list of Import Alerts of FDA to know about the rules and regulations regarding taking back the catch to your home state. If the rules allow you then you should get them packed in leak proof containers so that they can be frozen properly before taking them with you.

Even after taking back the fish in frozen condition you should contact the officials of FDA of US but if you are carrying back mounted or stuffed fish species then you should contact Department of Fish and Wildlife in US. If you have any doubts about the limitations, cost and duties for taking back your fish then you should contact in San Diego, California at the Department of Fisheries of Mexico.

Is it necessary to have fishing license before going on a fishing trip?

While going on a fishing tour at Cabo San Lucas you can buy fishing license for $20 or 195 Pesos for a day, depending upon the rate of exchange on that day.

How long will it take to reach fishing spots in Cabo?

The time taken reach fishing spots in Cabo depends upon the location of fish on that day. It can take from 10 minutes to an hour to fish at Chileno bay, Santa Maria bay, playita, Punta Ballina, Punta gorda, Punta Pamilla along with the bay of Cabo San Lucas. You can choose the spot as per the location of the fish at the time you reach there.

The types of baitfish used for fishing in Cabo San Lucas

You can use anchovy, sardinas, sierra mackerel, green jack, cabalito, mullet, black shipjack, schooling pacific mackerel, Lisa, frigate mackerel or bonito as baitfish while fishing at Cabo San Lucas during a fishing trip.

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