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Tips For Car Maintenance Before Your Trip

An unperformed or underperformed vehicle maintenance can cause many issues and even accidents. A recent survey reveals that negligence of maintenance causes approximately 2600 death every year and close to 10,000 disabling accidents and injuries.

Negligence of Maintenance Causes accidents and Other Issues

Neglected maintenance of the cars may cause issues including overheating, which results in mechanical breakdowns on the highways and on other roads. These causes are avoidable and can be taken care of if regular maintenance is carried out. Vehicles may also undergo other kinds of defects including defects in the cooling systems, lose or worn out drive belts, and low levels of cooling and among others. Checking the pressure of the tires and their proper inflation is free of cost. However, the under-inflation of the tires has also resulted in serious accidents and blowouts.

Check-ups That You Can Carry Out

Certain inspections can be carried out before a car trip is undertaken. While these are minor efforts and measures, they contribute in a big way to ensuring the safety and functionality of your car and automobile.

Checking the Fluids

A car may have many different kinds of fluids, which carry out their requisite functions. Before the trip, you should check the fluid for your power steering and the brakes, along with transmission fluids and the engine oil. Other fluid inspections include the coolant inspection, and the windshield washer fluid and solvent inspection.

Checking the Belts and Hoses

If a belt is not properly placed or has worn out, it may fail. The failure of the belt may also impact the electrical system of the car, power steering, and even the air conditioning unit. It may also affect the cooling system of your

best car repair shops near me. These belts and hoses may deteriorate over some time. Therefore, you need to carry out regular inspections to know their state of functionality and health. The deterioration may come fr5om within. Therefore, these hoses and belts may require replacement from time to time.

Checking the Tires

Before your important trip, you should not forget the importance of tire inflation. The tread of the tires should be inspected, for uneven wear. If the different cars of the car are wearing out in different ways and to varying extents, it shows that the car’s wheels are not aligned properly. It may affect the control of the car during a drive, among many other aspects of car functionality. The bald spots and the bulges in the tires are also a cause of concern. You should ensure that the tire pressure is accurate and the tires are also in a good state.

Preventive Maintenance

Even last-minute inspections can bring to you several benefits. You may be able to find out the abnormalities in your car, in areas including belts, tires, and fluids among others. If you take care of these issues in time, you may be able to prevent a major accident.

However, the best way of caring for your car is to regularly get your car service in OKC by leading services for auto repair in OKC and the USA. The service providers take a deeper look at the various aspects, machinery, and parts of your car. The holistic service and maintenance ensure that every component of your car is functioning fine. Apart from other benefits, a well-maintained car will also provide better fuel efficiency.


Pre-trip inspections are important to ensure the safety of your car during your long or short trip. You should buy a regular service plan, which will be a more affordable way to ensure that your car is reliable and functions to its best auto shops in OKC.


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