Born This Way Explained by an Engineer Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, read part 1 first

Ok, so last Born this way explained post I made it to the space vagina part…


First of all, before we move on, there are a few things I forgot to mention about the first 30 seconds or so of the video, in the previous post…

I know I’ve seen this before… Can’t remember where (Help!)


Something I missed in the first pass, outfit she is wearing is reminiscent of Egyptian god Osiris.  Her bee hive haridoo, crook and flail in her hands, eyeball chin(Pharaoh’s beard), and 2 servants make it clear that Lady Gaga is trying to impersonate the Egyptian god of rebirth.  I guess she ran out of Judeo-Christian imagery.


Osiris god of Rebirth

Re-Birthing Gaga

Crook and Flail








Then, Lady Gaga starts talking about the evil that is also born into the world.  We see a dark, evil Gaga pull a WWII looking machine gun out of her obviously copious vagina.  Lady Gaga is positioned on the top of a virus with an ultrasound looking backdrop, you know, giving birth to evil of course.


Virus Giving Birth in an Ultrasound

Virus Giving Birth in an Ultrasound









That is pretty much it for the 2 min. 30 sec. intro portion of the video.  I am sure there was a lot that I missed a lot…

The intro as a whole reminds me a lot of The Fellowship of the Ring intro, the part where the elf lady is talking about the rings of power corrupting people. I would post a video, but alas, it seems to be the one thing that is not on youtube.

Then comes lots of dancing.  I am sure that there is meaning in most of Lady Gaga’s dancing and gesturing but I honestly do not want to research every single one.  Skip to 5:30 in the video for my favorite.  Lady Gaga flips the fourth wall the bird and sings, “Baby you were born this way.” Meaning obvious.  The Born This Way should be played in health class to explain where babies come from.


During this part she is singing, “Baby you were born this way”

Then there is more dancing…

She does some Michael Jackson and Madonna stuff and…



Michael Jackson







Then it is over!


skeleton bubble

Obscure Movie?