Do You Want To Learn About Storm Shelters?

New Orleans is a changed city following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in the 2005 Hurricane season. As we watched with dread as the city was ruined by the flooding and killed indiscriminately the city became an instance of the power of nature’s fury. New Orleans has introduced a brand new strategy for protecting its citizens, as the world braces for the next hurricane.

During the 2006 hurricane season New Orleans residents are going to be asked to evacuate not to their nearest hurricane shelter but to shelters outside of town. The point is always to avoid keeping folks within the city of New Orleans which is mostly at sea level or several feet above it. The town has set into action a plan to evacuate its residents to higher sea levels farther inland and is setting up transportation for the elderly and handicapped residents. For the residents of the temporary shelters this does mean being evacuated to a nearby Red Dirt Storm Shelters OKC at the indication of something as small from the temporary shelters as a tropical storm. The residents of the temporary shelters will be moved from the city of New Orleans with everyone else if the tropical storm upgrades to hurricane status.

The Superdome Stadium has always been known as New Orleans shelter of final resort. This is true for Hurricane Katrina as well as well as the Superdome suffered heavy damage. The mayor of New Orleans is making it clear that there’s no shelter of last resort. The mayor is pushing strongly to evacuate residents out of the city entirely in order to avoid the dangers of a storm surge like the one that Katrina caused. Storm surge is the key reason for risk and the deadliness of hurricanes.