I Found A Hole To Sleep In!

I left my parents house after Christmas and couch surfed with my bud Danger in flagstaff until January 8th.  I had some good times, some drunk times, and some cold times with Kate in Las Vegas.  Now I’m finally on my own in Joshua Tree, California!  Yesterday I drove around and tried to establish a lifestyle.

It is surprisingly easy to be homeless in Joshua Tree.  I found a free place to camp with some other climber hobos.     I didn’t get to meet them really because it was literally freezing last night but they seemed polite and welcoming and kinda shy (or maybe just conserving heat and energy).  The “campground” is an unmarked sort of road that is blocked by a climbing rope tied to a stick.  The best part about this climber reservation is that it is within walking distance of fresh water, food, flush toilets, wi-fi, a used book store and thrift shop, and two climbing stores.  Also, It’s about a 10 min drive from 500+ climbs and infinite bouldering opportunities    I just need to find a climbing partner and I may never have to leave.