Lady Gaga’s Born This Way: Explained and Analyzed by an Engineer Part 1

Lady Gaga is almost definitely qualifies as an interesting person of the future.  She has united a legion of monsters under her banner.  This Whore of Babylon loves to play with the symbols and imagery of other artists and cultures.  Her latest video, Born This Way, does not disappoint in any way.  When I started this blog I never thought that I would be writing something as inane as promoting a pop star’s latest video.  But I am.  If you knew me or read most of my stuff you would know how special this makes Stephanie.

The overarching meaning of the video and song lyrics to Born This Way are about promoting not hate of all humans, this is obvious.  What is interesting is how Gaga does this, what symbols she uses, what films and concepts she is referencing, why she usually does not wear pants (wait this one is obvious too). Anyway that’s what this post is about.

Video starts off with a silhouette of a unicorn in an inverted triangle.  This is an obvious reference to the popular flash game from adult swim, Robot Unicorn Attack.  Anyone can see that there is no possible way that this is a coincidence.

But seriously folks, I don’t understand the unicorn this was a hilarious joke… that probably caused a lot of humans to hit the back button.  Oh well.   I’d appreciate unicorn theories and theories about other parts of the video that I do not understand in comments section.

Gaga’s Unicorn

Adult Swim’s Unicorn Based Video Game











After the unicorn and triangle we see Gaga, she has a face on the back of hear head (no idea) and she is trapped in a crystal floating through space.  This one I am pretty sure about.  It’s a superman reference!  In Superman II, the people of Krypton imprisoned criminals inside of crystals.  Compare!



Gaga’s Space Crystal Prison

Phantom Zone (Superman II)











Also, Gaga’s birthing chair is covered in Krypton looking crystals and is remarkably similar to the little pod that superman rode to earth in Superman the movie.  Watch the movie clip, the feel of it is very similar to the first 3 minutes of Born This Way.



Birthing Crystal Chair





Behind Gaga, the stars form the constellation of a giant space vagina.  There can be no argument.  It is a space vagina.