Road-trip Video Summaries

Tightly Edited Accounts of Our Budget Road-trip Travel Experience

Days 1 and 2

From Missouri to Badlands National Park


  • Crazy lady in a “Corn Palace” (must see to believe)
  • Flying my UAV over a canyon (FPV non-functional for entire trip :(
  • Getting lost (surprisingly fun bonding experience)

Day 3-5

Badlands to Mount Rushmore to Salt Lake City Utah


  • Almost getting stranded on a mountain top
  • “the cowman”
  • Stupid and disappointing Mt. Rushmore
  • Kate laughing like a crazy person

Day 5-6

Antelope Island to Bonneville Salt flats to sketch Great Basin campsite


  • Eating heavy metal infused eggs
  • The Great Walmart Fiasco
  • Bonneville Salt flats minivan speed challenge
  • Unlimited amounts of Horchata
  • Cowman explained
  • Lots of inside jokes no internet people will understand

Day 7-8

Great Basin to Zion National Park to California


  • Evil Squirrels
  • Jurassic Park theme song
  • Kate gets cranky
  • “Coral Pink” sand dunes
  • Successful breakfast creation
  • Slack-lining
  • Zion National Park Experience